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Information Events, Training Courses and Workshops

Noverra provides a number of training courses and workshops in standardisation of marine/maritime spatial data, Spatial Data Infrastructure, and other geospatial tools and technologies.

You can choose one or a combination of our standard training course, or we arrange trainings tailored to your specific needs and business objectives.

Below is a summary of Noverra's past and current information events, training courses and workshops:

Standardisation, ISO 19100, SDI

  • IHO S-100 - The Essence
  • This workshop will give you an overview over the IHO S-100 standard, the benefits of S-100 and how S-100 is based on the ISO 19100 series of geographic information standards.
  • IHO S-100 - Data Product Specification
  • This workshop will cover the developing, adopting and maintaining of a S-100 data product specifications based on a repeatable methodology.
  • Metadata for managers
  • How to develop a ISO 19115 conform maritime/marine metadata profile
  • UML and modelling training
  • This course introduces the Unified Modeling Language (UML) and teaches the skills required to use the UML within a geospatial standard.
  • Data centric and interoperable approach in the maritime/marine domain
  • The pillars of a Spatial data Infrastructure

Software Development

  • GeoTools Training
  • Get an overview of the architecture and major components of GeoTools and learn how to access, filter and style spatial data.
    Here some inspiration what you can do with GeoTools: Projects > Basic Map Frame 1.0.0

Questions and Suggestions

If you have some questions, suggestions or if you want to discuss your training needs please contact us.

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